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Laser Cut from Polyester Film

Stenciling is a creative and cost effective, solution to creating your own personal statements on the walls of any room in your house.

Almost anyone can use stencils in the some way to add visual inspiration, create energetic patterns and freshen up the look of living rooms, bathrooms bedrooms and hallways.

Whatever your specific decor ideas, I trust you will discover designs, concepts or tutorials that spark your imagination, inspire you to be creative and afford you the means achieve stunning feature-walls, textures and patterns.

“Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm”
― Earl Nightingale

Modern Wall Stencils

Why Use Stencils ?

Our modern wall stencil designs are simple to use, reusable, durable and an exciting means to add form, color and patterns to most surfaces.

People of all skill levels from beginners to crafter's and seasoned artists can achieve professional results with just a few basic stenciling techniques and a minimum of tools.

For budget conscience and time poor DIY home decorators it is a convenient way to quickly and easily decorate just about any wall surface with lively motifs, color and texture.

These are just some of the reasons why wall stencils have become an increasingly popular trend for those who want decor solutions and creative stylish statements that are imaginative, versatile, fun and bring instant personality to any space.

Bamboo Stencils
Cattail Stencils
Bamboo motif 1
Tree Stencils
Dragonfly Stencils
Leaf Stencils
Water lily Stencils
Butterfly Stencils
Lizard Stencils
Dolphin Stencils
Skeleton Stencils
Greek Stencils
Seahorse Stencils
Asian Butterfly Stencils
Water Ripple Stencils
Grape Stencils
Bird Stencils

Stencils For Fabric & Art

A stencil is essentially a containment area for paint to go through. In other words, stencils prevent paint from going were its not supposed to go and give instant form and volume to a motif or shape.

Many people don't realize is that "wall stencils" can be used for many other purposes than simply applying designs to a wall a stencil that is called a wall stencil can actually be used to paint fabrics, t-shirts gift cards, furniture, and canvas as well.

The only reason that something might be tagged as a "wall stencil is that the design may be to large for use on a garment. That is really the only difference.

Our stencils are made from 127 micron or 7mil polyester film, which for all practice purposes is the same material as drafting film or Mylar. The flexibility and thickness of this type of film makes it ideal is ideal for creating images on just about any material or surface that can accept water based paint.

Laser Cut Stencils Vs Hand Cut Stencils

Just about any stencil that can be cut by hand can also be cut by a laser machine. The difference between the two methods are, speed, accuracy and cost.

A complex stencil that would take an hour to cut by hand, can easily be completed in under a minute by laser. Unfortunately really large stencils, say four feet long or bigger require large laser machines and that's were cost comes into the picture.

In these situation it may be more cost effective to cut the stencil by hand, especially where the actual design is of simple yet large basic shapes. Hand cut stencils can be every bit as accurate as a laser cut equivalent and of course it depends on the skill and patience of the person doing the cutting.

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