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Custom Stencils

At Youstencil, we also take pleasure in the design and munufacture of custom stencils as well as alterations to our own designs to suite your specific projects.

Our custom stencils are cut from flexible Mylar (polyester) film 127 micron (5mil). Our films are reusable and suitable for use with airbrush, rollers, brushes aerosols and silk screens.

It is not always possible or practicle to reproduce an exact stencilized version of your text or logo. However, in most cases, we would be able to stylise and produce an acceptable reproduction of your design.

Acceptable file formats

Vector files such as pdf, eps and ai.

We do offer a design service to prepare your image for you if computer graphics is not your strong point..

Ideal Stencil Thickness for :
Fabrics: 3 mil to 5 mil
T-shirts and other garments, curtains, wall hangings.
Wall painting: 3 mil to 5 mil
The only advantage of going thicker is a little extra manageability.
Plaster Stenciling
Here you require something a bit thicker: at least 10mil and preferably thicker 0.015" (0.38mm)   to   0.074" (1.9mm)
Canvas Art: 3 mil to 5 mil
Just as in fabric painting 3 mil to 4 mil is sufficient.
Industrial Stencils: Polypropylene
Airbrushing: frisket
Frisket is a very thin, self adhesive film suitable for cutting the stencil directly onto the artwork.

001" 1mil (25 micron) to . ..002" 2 mil (50 micron)

Difficult to cut large pieces, but very durable. Use polypropylene up to 2mm thick.
Common Film Sizes:
1.   .002"     2 mil     50 Micron
2.   .003"     3 mil     75 Micron
3.   .004"     4 mil     100 Micron
4.   .005"     5 mil     127 Micron
5.   .007"     7 mil     175 Micron
6.   .010"   10 mil     250 Micron
1 millimeter = 1000 microns
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