Asian Butterfly Stencils

Kit 2
Asian Butterfly Stencil mural
Asian Butterfly Stencil templates

The printable butterfly stencil collection contains 74
butterfly motifs ranging in size from eight inches across,
down to two inches.

The Asian butterfly stencils set features 6 Asian butterfly motifs ranging in size from seven inches across, down to two and a half inches. These butterfly designs are well suited to contemporary Eastern decorating styles to create stunning in-flight butterfly patterns. You can also stencil butterfly motifs on painting fabrics, curtains and furniture.

These simple stencils of butterflies lend themselves to an endless variety of color and painting treatments. Stencil in pastel
colors or tints and shades of your wall colors for a more subdued effect. Use tones that compliment your color scheme.
Experiment with splatter effects or use a sea sponge create natural textures and stunning effects.

Stencil Image Size:
Butterfly Stencils #7
Printable Stencil PDF
Large: 7” X 4.8”
180mm X 123mm
Medium: 5” X 3.6”
136mm X 93mm
Small: 4’ X 2.7”
100mm X 69mm)
Made from laser cut 127 micron (5mil) Mylar film. Solvent proof.

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