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Water Lily stencils theme pack
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Create full size pond scenes and graceful nature murals across small or large wall areas. This pdf contains the patterns for water lily stencils pads, flowers, water motifs, cattail plants, grasses,dragonflies and butterfly's.....

The water lily stencil theme pack is an exciting new addition to the wall stencil catalogue. The stencil pack consists of 19 stencils in all. This gives decorators the scope to create stunning life size water lily pond murals across entire walls or rooms, no matter what the size. Best of all is that there are no registration marks to worry about. This is a totally freeform wall stencil kit. With only a general layout plan you can create breath-taking marsh or pond scenes in an average size room in a day. You also receive the Photoshop WALL DESIGN KIT and the PDF Project #6 ebook to help you make the best use of this stencil kit.

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Water Lily Project #6  Included with stencil kit
Printable Stencil PDF

The kit allows you to create
life size waterlily wall murals

Made from laser cut 127 micron (5mil) Mylar film. Solvent proof.

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Item#:  YS-WLS-01

The Design kit contain the Photoshop fully layered files with all the parts that correspond to the stencil kit. All parts are numbered. You just drag and drop the silhouette you want onto the scaled wall file and build your design one element at a time. After you complete your design as a silhouette, you may then change to file to RBG color mode and add color to your design.

You will require the Photoshop program and a few basic skills such as dragging and dropping, rotating and flipping the image. A great and time saving way to design a mural without a sketchpad and pencil. Since all of the elements and the wall are to the same scale, you will able to visualize exactly how the design will look on your wall or canvas.

Waterlily design Kit parts
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