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Tree Stencil Systems

Create your own unique and personalized tree murals, fabric art, canvas art and panel decorations. Transform a plan wall into a peaceful forest scene. Bring a lonely and boring room corner to life with a natural tree branch or a tasteful leaf arrangement. Our extensive tree stencil making systems give you total freedom in designing and creating unique tree formations and forest scenes.

An extensive collection of trunks, branches, leaves and markings for creating
personalized maple tree murals on any size wall, panel or canvas. Wispy and light.
The kit comes with 24 separate maple leaves, Interesting tree markings and
a cute little parrot.

The life size tree stencil kit is a complete system for creating realistic large bare trees and branches from 3 feet and up to 15 feet high..The system is comprised of 7 separate stencil sheets containing 37 life size tree branches junctions and tree trunks. This large tree stencil set is designed to yield a virtual wall to wall forest and can be use to create unlimited tree mural designs.
Maple Tree Stencils. Mural System
Large Tree Stencils. Mural System
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