Fossil Skeleton Stencil

Fossil Skeleton Stencil burial theme
Fossil Skeleton Stencil templates

The fossil skeleton stencil theme pack depicts an ancient burial scene and consists of a two thirds life size fossil skeleton
stencil and an assortment of pottery and weapon fragments motifs. The pottery fragments can be applied randomly over the
wall, with the skeleton design as a central feature, or the skeleton motif can be used as an interesting border pattern along
with the pottery and fragments.

Stencil Image Size:

Skeleton: 33" X 14"
838mm X 350mm 
Pottery Urn: 10" X 6"
248mm X 161mm
Various pottery fragments

Made from laser cut 127 micron (5mil) Mylar film. Solvent proof.

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$75.00 AUD
Item#:  YS--SKL-01