Grape Vine

Grape Vine Stencils

Freeform Kit
Grape and grapevine stencils for walls
Grape and grapevine stencil templates

Create stunning freeform grapvine murals.
and feature walls

Create sprawling grape and vine murals and motifs. This freeform stencil kit can be used for horizantal or verticle wall sized paintings. Some of the most persistent images and icons through history are that of the grape, grapevine and grape leaf. Grapes and grapevines have roots that go back to the beginning of civilization. For thousands of years, grapes have been harvested for their healing and nutritional benefits.4,000 years and are to this day, an ideal design choice for imagery within the modern home.

Stencil Image Size:
Grape Vines Project #10
Printable Stencil PDF
Life size leaves & grapes Three sheets.
Made from laser cut 127 micron (5mil) Mylar film. Solvent proof.
Grapes and leaves
are in two to four

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