Dragonfly Stencils

Dragonfly stencils theme pack
Dragonfly stencil templates

The dragonfly stencil theme pack consists of 3 intricately designed dragonfly stencil motifs ranging in size from 7.8" wide to
just over 5" wide (wing span). The pleasing lines and segments of the dragonfly motif design makes it look great as a simple silhouette painted in tints or shades of your wall or background color. The dragonfly wings can be an exciting focal point of the design and you could have fun experiment with sponging, stippling or perhaps, airbrushing for soft tonal or color graduations.

Stencil Image Size:
1: 7.8" Wide, X 5.7" High
2: 6.3" Wide, X 4.5" High
3: 5.3" Wide, X 3.8" High
Made from laser cut 127 micron (5mil) Mylar film. Solvent proof.

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$32.00 AUD
Item#:  YS-DRGF-01