Cattail stencil Theme Pack

Cattail stencils theme pack
Cattail stencil templates

Create peaceful pond scenes with waterlilys
cattails, ducks and dragonflies.

The new cattail stencil theme pack consists of three large cattail motifs and three water ripple motifs. These exciting stencils
work together to create a virtual three dimensional pondscape on your walls and backdrops. By carefully positioning the water ripple stencils you can create a wonderful effect that draws the viewers eyes into the mural, creating the illusion of depth and distance.

Stencil Image Size:
Water Lily Project #6
Printable Stencil PDF

Cattail 1: (7.6" W X 19.3" H)
Cattail 2: (7.6" W X 19.4 H)
Cattail 3: (10.3" W X 19.4" H).
Water 1: (19.0" W X 3.0" H)
Water 2: (14.5" W X 2.0" H)
Water 3: (8.7" W X 1.2" H)

Made from laser cut 127 micron (5mil) Mylar film. Solvent proof.

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