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Bamboo and dragonfly mural project
Bamboo and dragonfly project 5 PDF

This tutorial illustrates the steps taken to paint a simple free-form bamboo mural with a limited color pallet and the stencil patterns from the bamboo project pdf #5 ebook.

The sixteen stencil patterns which form the basic building blocks of this design can be used on there own or in combination with other stencils to create a limitless number of bamboo themed murals and backgrounds.

The basic design in this tutorial can easily be expanded to cover a whole wall from top to bottom or cut back to just one or two poles and some foliage for a simple bamboo arrangement in the corner of a room.

Whatever your skill level, you will find the instructions in this tutorial, basic and simple enough to get an impressive wall painting up in a reasonable amount of time, even if you have little experience in painting or mural art.

Project 5