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12 Inspiring Stencil Design Resources

Are you searching for design inspiration for your next stenciling project. Or perhaps you need some pictures to use as reference material for a particular design? Check out this list of invaluable online resources that I personally use to get my creative juices flowing when looking for a new Stenciling theme, motif or design to explore or develop into a new product.

Most of the resources I have outlined in the following pages, are Vintage or Antique.

To the best of my knowledge, art and design created prior to 1914 is in the public domain. Please take note that the photos and illustrations of the original artwork are the property of the copyright holder. The way I work is essentially to redraw by hand a design that I like using the online photos as a reference. I then scan in my redrawn artwork and develop it into a stencil using my favorite tools of trade, Photoshop and Corel Draw.

Some of these sites are very extensive, and you can literally spend months browsing through thousands of antique posters, engravings and artifacts.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and I am continually making notes of new keywords I can "Google" to source new areas of decorative art and design that could be useful for my projects.

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