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How To Cut Stencils

This section will demonstrate how to cut stencils from your own drawing or a printout. I will demonstrate the same stencil cutting workflow that I have used for over 15 years and still use today, mainly for prototyping new or experimental designs

I have made a list of the basic tools you will need to cut stencils and you can watch some videos that will clarify the basic preparation and cutting techniques that can help you create your own professional stencils in minimum time.

Tools & Equipment

You will need six items to make your stencils. Just about everything you require will be available from your art shop, hardware or supermarket. Take a look at the tools link for more information about the basic tools you will be using to cut stencils.

Stencil cutting tools

Stencil film

Felt tip marker

Contact adhesive

Cutting mat

Ruler and cutting knife

Steel ruler

Cutting knife

Video 1: Preparing the Stencil Design


1. Lightly spray the stencil image with contact adhesive.
2. Allow glue to go tacky for about 2 minutes.
3. Crease one corner of the sheet.

Video 2: Cutting the stencil.


1. A Sharp new blade in your cutting knife.
2. Cut away from corners not into them.
3. Turn the stencil film, not your hand.
4. On long cuts, hold hold your knife at a lower angle and further away from your blade.
5 .Stencil film should be in close contact with your graphic.
6. Maintain three points of contact between your hand and the stencil film.
7. Use a good quality stencil film.

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