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This project features a bamboo motif inspired by an 18th Century tsuba. A tsuba is a metal hand guard found on Japanese military swords.

Tsuba were oval or squarish discs, mounted at the base of the sword handle. These items were not only practical but often highly ornamental. Amongst the many beautiful patterns found on tsuba were of course bamboo.

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Step by step Instructions
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The Bamboo project #2 book is a “freeform” bamboo stencil set. A stylized bamboo motif or mural can be progressively built up piece without registration marks according to the plan, or from your own design ideas.

There are three complete sets of bamboo templates in tne PDF. Full size, 70% and 50%. This gives you the freedom to to design bamboo imagery on items such as Tote bags ,clothing, curtains, furniture as well as walls or floors.

The stencils that can be made from the project 2 ebook
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