Printable Stencil Resources & Projects

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Printable Bamboo stencils project 3
Bamboo # 3
Printable bamboo Project 1
Bamboo #1
Printable Greek border stencils
Greek Borders #9
Printable Tree stencils Vol 1
Tree Stencils Vol 1
Printable Tree stencils Vol 2
Tree Stencils Vol 2
Printable Waterlily stencils
Water Lily Pond #6
Printable Bamboo stencils compilation Vol 3
Bamboo Vol 3
Printable Bamboo stencils project 2
Bamboo #2
Printable Cherry blossom stencils
Cherry Blossom #11
Printable Bamboo project 5
Bamboo #5
Printable Old English Lettering stencils
Old English Lettering
Printable Butterfly stencils
Butterfly Stencils #7
Printable Bamboo project 4
Bamboo #4
Printable Grapevine stencils
Grapevines #10

What Are Printable Stencil Resources & Projects

They are a premium collection of printable stencil project ebooks in PDF format, designed to be useful resources for wall stenciling , fabric painting and many other decorating and embellishing uses.

Many printable stencils that are available on the web are presented as low quality bitmap images. The stencil patterns and designs within our PDF ebooks are presented as scalable vector graphics so they remain sharp and clear, irrespective of the scale you choose to print them.

The resource books can be downloaded immediately and contain lots of useful information about printing, cutting and using the stencils. Most of the project books also contain pre-made designs for you to copy or use a springboard for your own unique ideas and stenciling projects.

The printable patterns can also be used for making stencils for airbrushing, cake stenciling and furniture embellishment.

Ebook List

Bamboo Stencils

Stenciled Bamboo Vol 3
Tall Bamboo Project #1
Bamboo Mural Project #2
Bamboo Mural Project #3
Bamboo Mural Project #4
Bamboo & Dragonfly project #5
Tree Stencils Vol 1
Tree Stencils Vol 2

Tree Stencils

Water Lily Stencils
Grape & Vine Stencils
Cherry Blossom Stencils
Butterfly Stencils
Ancient Greek Borders & Motifs
Old English Lettering Stencils

Free Printable Stencils

Free printable spider stencil template
Printable Spider Stencil
Free printable seahorse stencil template
Free printable witch stencil
Printable Seahorse Stencil
Printable Witch Stencil
Free printable dolphin stencil
Printable Dolphin Stencil
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