Greek Borders & Motifs #9

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Greek borders and motifs stencils

Greek Stencils Project #9 PDF

The Greek stencils PDF ebook contains ten repeatable Greek border patterns including the popular Greek key design .

The latest revision also contains over a dozen beautifully ornamental Greek motifs in multiple sized from full page down to 50%. Create stunning geometric and organic patterns on living room walls bedrooms, hallways as well as fabrics for curtaining and garments

Greek printable stencil project 11 PDF
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Our printable stencils and plans are PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader download it for free.)
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Greek Border stencil patterns
Greek Motifs
Greek motif stencil patterns
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Greek Borders

Which stencil films you can use.
How to Print the stencil patterns and prepare them for cutting. Printer friendly stencil pattern pages

A handy list of everything you need for your stenciling project to proceed smoothly.

Ten full page Greek border designs with accurate registration marks. Eleven Motifs in multiple sizes.

The stencils that can be made from the greek patterns pdf
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