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Bamboo mural stencil set project #1

Bamboo Project #1 PDF & Design Kit

This stencil collection contains plans and patterns suitable for a floor to ceiling bamboo wall mural. Paint just one or two stalks or paint one hundred . Highly configurable.

The simple but very effective design is based on the Golden bamboo or Sacred bamboo plant.

Step by step painting instructions and clear illustrations tell you everything you need to paint an impressive bamboo scene on your wall, canvas or fabrics

Bamboo printable stencil project 1
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Our printable stencils and plans are PDF files and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader download it for free.)
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What's Inside

The Bamboo project #1 book is a “freeform” bamboo stencil set. This means that you can progresively build a stylized bamboo motif or mural by adding more bamboo stalks and leaf units until you achieve the size and style of bamboo painting that suits the size or character of your room or space. follow or modify
Instructions for printing and cutting

Bamboo Stalks, Branches
Multiple leaf sets
Full Size & Half Size stencil Patterns
Complete shopping list of materials and tools
Wall Design Kit

Bamboo printable stencils templates

The Design kit contain the Photoshop fully layered files with all the parts that correspond to the PDF project . All parts are numbered. You just drag and drop the silhouette you want onto the scaled wall file and build your design one element at a time. After you complete your design as a silhouette, you may then change to file to RBG color mode and add color to your design.

You will require the Photoshop program and a few basic skills such as dragging and dropping, rotating and flipping the image. A great and time saving way to design a mural without a sketchpad and pencil. Since all of the elements and the wall are to the same scale, you will able to visualize exactly how the design will look on your wall or canvas.

Wall design kit Bamboo project 1
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